Thursday, May 28, 2009

6 weeks

Well it has officially been 6 weks since Seth came and went Peacefully back to heaven..I miss him so much. and I talk to him often...everyday, several times a day..and I let him know how much I love and miss him. And I get bashed by some STUPID LAME FREAK that hates me for loving my child. a mothers love is something that nothing, even a fatal birth defect, and take away. You can have all of the opinion you want, but keep it to yourself. Please. Let us mmooies have pride, and feel great for giving our children a chance at life. PLEASE KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF..thanks.


  1. I hate it that people are being so cruel to some amazing mommies. I've heard of other anenchephaly moms getting rude comments. Its so terrible. We'll just have to pray extra hard for them!

  2. PJ-I am so sorry that someone has been so mean, but we cant stop it all we CAN do is go on and know we did the best we could and God will reward you for it. It doesnt matter what other people think. Only YOU and GOD thats all!!Plus, the rest of us who have been through it, we all go on this journey together whether we are parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. We become better people because of it and forgive no matter what. I Love You

  3. I'm sorry you have to deal with ignorant people. You are a grieving mother...just let it go because the more I read these blogs the more I realize how these hateful people are everywhere trying to hurt people. It makes me wonder how horrible their lives are..must be just horrific. You did the right thing...and your precious baby boy's so gorgeous! I love your pictures of him. I am so sorry for your pain..(((hug)))

  4. Amen!!!! I hope that whoever was insensitive enough to leave comments here or email you will find it in their hearts to stop. If nothing else, we can pray that somehow our stories will touch their hearts and soften them, if even just a smidgeon.

  5. God bless you and your beautiful family!

  6. I am so very sorry for your loss. Your photo album is an amazing tribute to your son.

  7. A blog that I am following referenced your blog so I stopped by. I have read your blog in its entirety and I would like to send my condolences to you and other moms going through this. I want to commend you on making the choice you did to give your son a chance at life. I saw each and every picture and it is impossible not to notice how loved your little man was. He was truly an angel. I will keep you in my prayers. This blog was truly an eyeopener and taught me a lot... prior to this I never knew what ancencephaly was. I wish you the best. And I am truly a follower of your blog now. God Bless.
    With Love,'
    Arnetta Bullard from Miami,FL

  8. I am sorry for the loss of your precious ~Seth ~.
    ~Seth~ is beautiful boy.
    I am sorry that 'troll' comments made you so upset. I hope the warm , heart felt comments from many others ease this additional grief.
    May God soften their hearts and may they leave you in peace to honour ~Seth~.
    Though you cradled Seth in your arms for such a short time you will cradle him in your heart always.
    I found your blog by accident or maybe by God's grace too.
    Today I spoke to a mother who lost one of her twin daughters to anencephaly @ 20hrs old. She knew from 14 weeks and carried ~JulieAnn~ to term). It was heart wrenching ...I know it was the hand of God that caused her to call me a stranger by all accounts.
    I too have experienced my our loss of a much loved angel ~Charlotte~ to stillbirth over 4yrs ago. Nothing like dealing with anencephaly but I do understand the apin of saying goodbye too soon.
    I belong to a group that donates teddy bears to bereaved parents (In NSW Australia) ease the pain of leaving hospital with empty arms.
    I am moved to donate a bear in memory of ~Seth~ if you don't mind.
    I am in awe of mothers(fathers) who carry their special, precious babies with fatal diagnoses to term in spite of what Drs say ...who are they to judge.

  9. Trish...My email is would love for you to send a bear in memory of Seth. so if you need any info, just let me know.