Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5 months...

Today is Seth's 5 month birthday in Heaven. I miss him so much. I can't help but think what he would look like, what he would be doing, and if he would be like his sister, and already be crawling? Today is kind of a rough day, and to top everything off, On my way to my mother in law's house, I wrecked my car. Emma and I are fine, and so is my car, other than a few dents. I am so thankful that we are ok. We didn't flip, but I know God was with us, because that is the only reason we did not wreck. It was obvious we should have flipped. Well im cutting this one short, I am till a little shaken up by this whole thing. Happy 5 month birthday baby boy, I love and miss you sooo much!

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  1. Happy 5 months in Heaven, Seth! Oh gosh, PJ, I am so glad to hear you guys are ok. So scary!! God was definitely with you.